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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Building the new bridge over the Senqu river in Lesotho is a 3-year plus project. WRES JV has set up a temporary accommodation camp near the building site for 300 workers and Clearedge Projects was appointed to provide a containerised solution to treat the river water to potable standards. As the quality of the water fluctuates drastically from one season to the next, we designed for a worst-case scenario and have delivered a robust, low maintenance system.

In the rainy season the turbidity levels are high and COD also increases. A settling tank and floc with an automated desludge pump begin the treatment train. Next a glass filter removes fine particles, then Ozone blasts organic contaminants and disinfects before the water passes through a Carbon filter for polishing. A Sodium Hypochlorite disinfection system completes the system.

Get in touch for a quote on your project. All we need is the daily volume of water to be treated and a lab analysis of the source water. Shipping can be included.

All along the hillside are white markers. The construction team informed us that they indicate the final water level (indicated by the green line) once the dam is completed.

This picture of the future bridge and more info on the bridge project available here

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