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40kL/Day Upgrade at OCEAN REEF - Zinkwazi

Clearedge Projects was invited to bid on a wastewater treatment plant upgrade at the Anew OCEAN REEF hotel in Zinkwazi, KZN. After an initial site visit we found that the original system comprised of 2 x 10kL bioreactors was under-spec'd for the daily volume of wastewater to be treated. We proposed a hybrid system - making use of the 2 existing bioreactors and adding 2 of our own. The existing reactors were retrofitted with our Whale Tooth aerators. We also converted one of the 5kL clean water storage tanks into a clarifier:

Being awarded this project was conditional upon turning it around and commissioning within 3 weeks - in time for the festive peak. This was half our usual turn-around time, but we committed to the deadline and delivered on time.

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