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BALLITO HILLS LIFESTYLE ESTATE - Lifestyle Center Grey Water System

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Clearedge Projects supplied and installed a grey water recycling system for Ballito Hills Lifestyle Center. The project was initiated through Micon Water - one of our local agents. The center has subsequently been awarded a Green Building Council of South Africa award.

Grey water from the laundry and gym ablutions is collected in a conservancy tank and pumped to our grey water treatment plant. The plant is a hybrid system comprised of a Rain Water harvesting tank, a Compact Bioreactor, and a treated water storage tank. The treated water is then pressurised with a delivery pump and used to irrigate the lawns and garden surrounding the lifestyle center.

By splitting grey and black water, up to 70% of water can be saved for re-use. Find out more about Clearedge Projects' Grey Water offering here.

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